Our partners

To achieve our mission, we partner with likeminded organisations who share the same values and commitment to our clients as we do.

Our partners enable us to do far more than we could alone, and their passion and talent inspire us.

Meet our partners

Business and Enterprise Support

Dynamic Marketing is a specialist marketing consultancy for social enterprises and charities looking for help with marketing strategy, brand communications and marketing their social value.


Development in Social Enterprise walk the talk in terms of their approach to business and how they work with clients which is why we always look forward to collaborating and learning from their expertise.”


If you’re looking for bookkeeping or accountancy services that undertsand the needs of social enterprises and voluntary sector organisations then we recommend Colebridge both for their undertsanding of the sector (after all they’re a social enterprise themselves), but also value for money. The team at Colebridge Accountancy often support our consultancy work and feedbak is very positive. We of course use them for our accounts too!



Colebridge Trust is the voluntary and community sector infrastructure organisation for Solihull.



We regularly signpost organisations to DISE, confident they will receive expert advice gained through years of experience in supporting social enterprises and voluntary organisations to trade sustainably.”


Wootton George is a specialised third sector fundraising consultancy with and impressive track record and works across the UK. We regularly refer clients who need fundraising support to Wootton George Consultancy.

Enterprise Partners

Chelmund’s Fish and Chips– We are partners in this exciting social enterprise believed to be the first and only community owned fish and chip shop in the country. Other partners in this business are:

Three Trees Community Centre

The Olive Brach Kitchen

Churches on Chelmund’s Cross

Voluntary Sector In Solihull (SoLVE)

As a Solihull based infrastructure support organisation we have supported the development of the SoLVE network and are also members. The SoLVE network aims to:

  • strengthen the local sector,
  • help lay the foundations for an era of local co-production and
  • derive the best achievable outcomes for our beneficiaries as citizens of our borough.

See the brochure and organisations involved here