The economic climate and funding cuts are causing major upheaval for many voluntary organisations, community groups and charities, yet their services are needed now more than ever by disadvantaged communities and individuals.

Weathering the storm requires decisive action and for many organisations a fundamental re-think about the way they are structured, how services are delivered, the skills they have access to, how to compete and market their offer.

Business speak sounds daunting, and completely alien, but an entrepreneurial approach that holds on to your values and social mission can be one way of facing the challenges head-on and emerging more sustainable as a result.

We can help with:

  • Diversifying income and reducing dependency on funding and too few contracts
  • Becoming investment ready, support to strengthen your organisation to take on repayable finance
  • First steps to enterprise and trading activity, exploring your options and what needs to change
  • Developing new services – understanding your customers and how to reach them
  • Governance and risk management – getting the Board ‘on-board’
  • Enterprise training – empowering senior managers, board members and staff with the skills and knowledge to be confident and successful in managing entrepreneurial change
  • Setting up trading arms and social enterprise conversions