Social Accounting

Prove! Improve! Account!

Social Accounting and Audit (SAA) helps you prove, improve and account for the difference you are making. Starting with that in mind, it helps you to plan and manage your organisation as well as demonstrate what you have achieved.” Social Audit Network

Social Accounting is a process that enables organisations to measure their social and environmental performances against their aims and objectives and assess the true impact of their activities upon their stakeholders.

The process involves undertaking an exercise in examining what an organisation does through consultation and then listening to what others have to say about you. The results are that future performance can be more effectively targeted at achieving an organisation’s objectives.

Social accounts can be audited by an independent auditor or social accounting panel.

Our Social Value team at Development in Social Enterprise includes practitioners trained and experienced in both social accounting and social auditing.

Our practitioners typically support organisations through the following framework:

  • Introduction to Social Accounting (workshops / briefings)
  • Define the scope of a social accounting exercise
  • Consider vision, mission, values and objectives
  • Map internal and external stakeholders
  • Design research tools / gather data
  • Analyse findings and report writing
  • Support organisations through the auditing process
  • Inform business planning
  • Publish social accounts and share findings with stakeholders.