The Digbeth Trust


There was a feeling inside and outside the organisation that we were all things to all people and we couldn’t succeed that way. We were anxious not lose opportunities but found ourselves being pulled in all sorts of directions, diluting what we are good at,” says Guy Kibbler, Operations Manager of The Digbeth Trust.

The Digbeth Trust had successfully applied to the BIG Assist programme and chose to redeem their vouchers with Development in Social Enterprise to produce a three year business plan:

Development in Social Enterprise was the obvious choice for us as they understand our sector, our city, and have the expertise and ability to constructively challenge our thinking and communicate effectively with everyone. They worked in a collaborative way with our people which led to a shared vision for the way forward – one that everyone could buy into.”

“The business planning process both confirmed and better defined our niche – working with small groups and individuals in the areas of supporting social entrepreneurs and social enterprises, and consortia development work, particularly around older people’s services.

“It was very useful to have an external perspective on the situation and an experienced business consultant with the strategic headspace to look objectively at the future, which can be difficult when you’re busy with day to day operations.”

Confident on the way forward, The Digbeth Trust has since approached us for follow-up support to implement the new business plan:

“The next step is to develop new consortia development structures and identify bidding opportunities. Many tenders and contracts are framed in a way that excludes smaller groups but we have the skills and track record to help them access contracts they are best placed to deliver. With Development in Social Enterprise on board we’re heading in the right direction.”